Why DotBox?

  • EXPERIENCE.  We've been working in the industry since 2001.  Our combined knowledge and experience is second to none.
  • TECHNOLOGY.  We use the best of breeds in software technology.   Our brilliant programmers will build your site with the most solid tools available today.
  • CUSTOM APPROACH.  We do not use a one-size-fit all template.  We customize solutions to suit your requirements.
  • FIRST RATE SUPPORT.    As a boutique firm we work with only limited number of selected clients.  Your business will be treated with the utmost respect and care.
  • AFFORDABILITY.   We can build and maintain your site more efficiently and inexpensively than doing it yourself.  Our knowledge and experience will help you eliminate unnecessary expenses and costly mistakes.
  • HONESTY.  We believe that trust is the most important component of any business relationship.  We commit to transparency in everything we do.

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